Amor Fati on erasmus <3

Some of us are going on erasmus and this is a website i made. Today I m entioned to my friend stephen (not steohen fay, a much better stephen) that a bunch of people are going on erasmus and he sagely said "ah, casa amor, will the villa stay together?" I was flabbergasted. what a fantastic analogy. well? WILL the villa stay together??? idk. does it usually? I am no longer the love island veteran i once believed myself to be.

This is it guys. this is the test of our friendship. Do we have the mettle to survive this separation? Also do you guys think we're a bit melodramatic about this friendhsip because really how much to we ever hang out. Just saying bc I'm pretty sure my love language is quality time and some of you are not giving me time, let alone quality.

We can all learn html and add to this website it's so easy as you can see from how fantastic i am at it

realistically i know this website is a pipe dream because nobody will ever be arsed to add to it but i don't care this is my labour of love this is what i have to offer you all as a symbol of my friendship this is my heart transcribed into html

do you guys think it's cool that I made this website for us. Do you guys think i'm cool. You guys like me right.

soon I will become even more competant and learn how to use javascript and shit and then this page will be pimped out